Kat Von D Tattoo Liner Review

by daisyjunkee

Look, we all know that Kat Von D’s tattoo lining is very good, but until now we don’t know how invincible it is. Obviously, the favorite liquid eyeliner to seduce readers is so unstoppable.

Her new dagger tattoo lining makes things even better ($25 for 0.55 ml). This liquid eyeliner uses the precise design of a mini angled eyeliner brush.

This liquid eyeliner from Kat Von D comes in a sleek black pen with a special dagger style brush applicator. Cut at 30°, the small blade-shaped tip is designed to easily create straight and precise wings. It took a few tries to get used to the design, but the tip of the dagger is actually very easy to use! With the tip toward my inner corner, the brush head is flush with my eyelids, and the eyeliner glided smoothly across my eyelashes, creating a beautiful, precise line without pulling or pulling.

Although a new applicator is used, the formula of the Dagger tattoo liner is the same as the original tattoo liner. Although long-lasting and completely stain-resistant, the Tattoo Liner formula is not without its flaws.

I was also very surprised by the staying power of this eyeliner because I found that it lasted all day without fading or smudging, wow!

The formula is beyond this world. This is a very opaque intense black with a soft luster. When I tried the eyeliner for the first time, I felt that I needed at least two layers to make it opaque. But there is a small trick to wipe once or twice with the pen tip on the back of the hand. This will make the product flow and make the process easier.

The tattoo lining in Trooper is opaque, easy to use, fast, precise, and will last as long as anything I have tried before. I am in love.




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