Kat Von D Lock-It Edge Foundation Brush #10 Review

by daisyjunkee

Today, I am reviewing the most amazing foundation brush ever-Kat Von D Beauty Lock-It Edge Foundation Brush.

This exquisite foundation brush has a very dense synthetic cruelty-free bristles, has a carved shape, and perfectly symmetrical beveled edges, allowing you to easily manipulate the face plane from all angles. The quasi-dome-shaped brush effectively penetrates all the curves and contours of the face, applying and mixing liquid and cream foundation, leaving a perfect spray paint effect on the skin.

Every aspect of this brush has been carefully designed. The handle is quite heavy, but this helps to create a firm and precise feel. Kat’s brushes are ink-colored with pointed stiletto heels. The brush is soft to the touch, but the brush maintains the density of makeup application.

Whether you are a novice makeup artist or a certified makeup artist, the smooth black Kat Von D foundation brush is extraordinary, and I will not say it lightly. For starters, the handle like stilettos is well held in my hand and most of the weight is placed closest to the bristles, which makes mixing fast and easy.

In short, it is worth having, friend!




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