Kat Von D KVD Sinner Eau De Parfum Review

by daisyjunkee

Before I started blogging, Kat Von D released two fragrances called Saint and Sinner. These perfumes are obviously very popular, and now, Kat Von D brings them back with modified bottles and updated fragrance characteristics.

From the promotional images, these bottles look a bit cheap and toys-but personally, they actually feel very modern and well made. The Gothic design is very unique, unlike any other perfume bottle I have seen. If you are keen to display your perfume collection on the dressing table, these will be the perfect complement. But what I want to say is that it is very heavy, very strong and very high quality. Again, this is not my usual style, but I still like it!

Fruity aromas of sweet plums, earthy notes of patchouli; floral aromas of jasmine and delicate orange blossoms. Patchouli is usually a very strong, intoxicating note in perfumes (think of a sweet, dark and earthy scent, but with woody edges), but here it is combined with juicy plums and The spicy cinnamon blends perfectly. I actually saw someone on the Internet saying that this perfume smells like Halloween. To be honest, I totally agree. It has some very “fascinating” things-mysterious, feminine, and with a very interesting “smoky” quality that you don’t often see (or smell!) in mainstream perfumes.

Overall, I really like this perfume! Finally, I found that it definitely performs better in cold weather.


  • $8.00 10mL
  • $18.00 30mL


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