Kat Von D KVD Go Big or Go Home Mascara Review

by daisyjunkee

I like to try new mascaras, especially when I like them immediately, I feel good with this Kat Von D mascara.

This product received extra brownie points from us at the GLAMOR headquarters because the 100% vegan blend of nourishing wax from olive oil and sunflower oil is Kat Von D’s solution, which can replace the beeswax commonly found in most mascaras . Obviously, it is these plant-based fats that contribute to the coveted huge volume and deep melanin.

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I like the black color of this mascara, it definitely meets the volume requirement. It did not add too much to my small eyelashes longitudinally, but it was bulky without clumping. But on the bright side, it did not flake or smudge, and despite how thick it is, my eyelashes feel light fluffy.

Although it does require three coats to achieve the level of pigmentation and curl I want, the iconic fluff brush is inspired by the round bristle hair brush, creating a super plump blow-out look.

I have always liked the packaging style of Kat Von D. It is completely different from anything else and truly reflects the brand. From the text on the full-size product that I saw in the picture is glossy black, it looks like a very thick tube.

Have you tried Go Big or Go Home Mascara? Let me know what you think about it.

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