Kat Von D Ink Well Long-Wear Matte Eyeliner Review

by daisyjunkee

Today, I am reviewing Kat Von D’s newest “Lolita” liquid eyeliner. She recently came up with a complete series to commemorate her most famous liquid lipstick “Lolita”, but I only got the liquid liner because this is what I am most interested in.

It is said that these are worn for 24 hours and transfer, smear and waterproof, so it has some heavy claims that I like very much! It also dries quickly, so for those with caps or oily caps, there will be no stains on the caps.

The packaging of this liner is very stylish and beautiful, I like the gothic theme, which is almost everywhere in Kat Von D, which actually makes her product unique. I like how the eyeliner packaging uses the shade of the eyeliner, I like the silver gothic text and the shape of the eyeliner, it looks like a sword.

Most importantly, I like the applicator, it is very precise and easy to use. But this formula is not so pigmented and consistent. It takes a lot of dipping to create a simple eyeliner. Also, it just dries too fast and you can’t even touch it up. This is something I don’t like very much.

However, it does claim to be matte, but it becomes too fast. The only benefit is that it is actually very long lasting. In short, I hope you give it a try and tell me what you think?




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