Kat Von D Alchemist Holographic Palette Review

by daisyjunkee

This innovative Alchemist Palette has four holographic shades to give your makeup a new look. By overlaying Alchemist on eyeshadow and lipstick, it is perfect for achieving a series of radiant special effects.

Kat Von D’s packaging is always super avant-garde and badass, but Alchemist Holographic Palette uses a triangular cardboard palette to take it to a new level. There is a cool holographic gloss on the outside of the palette, and the lid actually has an etching designed by Kat Von D himself. You get a total of four powders. Personally, I still prefer rectangular or square palettes for easy storage, but the overall design is absolutely unique!

This first-of-its-kind formula uses the Double Dimension Technology formula, which contains 360° refractive pearls, immersed in a prism coating to provide twice the deformability. Each of the four tones in the palette can capture light from all angles, resulting in a series of luminous special effects-perfect for customizing finishes and exploring your artistic expression.

The four shades are very consistent in terms of formulation; although most of them are shimmer, they are smooth, creamy, and very well colored. They all have iridescent colors and shimmerless gloss. The deformed powder in this palette can be used as a highlighter, eye shadow, and even lipstick.

Finally, introduce these 4 shades: emerald (green), sapphire (blue), amethyst (purple) and opal (pink). All in all, I must agree that this is a beautiful palette. Gorgeous pigmentation and very versatile, if you are someone who is happy to use these shades.




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